Beth Beauchamp provides:
Massage Therapy, 
BodyTalk and Myofascial Release Therapy Training

Office Location:  Cleveland Terrace, Maitai
Nelson, New Zealand
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Massage Therapy

Feel Better

Beth Beauchamp is a highly skilled and experienced medical massage therapist offering therapeutic massage in Nelson New Zealand.

Specializing in Myofascial Release therapy, Beth is well known for her expertise in relieving acute and chronic pain related issues.  Through her combination of skills with Myofascial Release Therapy, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage, Beth can effectively relieve many pain conditions including headaches and migraines, chronic low back pain, neck and shoulder strain and joint pain.  Treatments are also highly effective for increasing range of motion and injury rehabilitation.


"I cannot recommend Beth Beauchamp enough.  Her knowledge about the body and her level of expertise sets her apart from other massage therapists I have been to.  

She talked with me in detail about my pulled calf muscle and  helped me heal my injury in only a handful of sessions.  I have recommended her to a number of friends who have have suffered from chronic pain and she has had a positive effect for each person.

She is excellent at helping you understand the nature of your situation, can provide a successful treatment plan, and also provides guidance on stretches and other things you can do to help facilitate your own healing.  I would highly recommend Beth if you are struggling with any pain or imbalance in the body.   Her unique treatements with Medical Massage Therapy in Nelson are highly effective."


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Myofascial Training

Learn Myofascial Release Therapy
Learn Myofascial Release Therapy from one of New Zealand's most passionate experts.

Beth guides beginners, intermediate and advanced students through exciting two day workshops involving extensive theoretical and hands-on learning.  

Understanding how fascia creates the form and structure of the body, influences all physiological functioning and is our storage unit for memories and belief systems, will change the way you evaluate and work with the body.


"Beth Beauchamp's courses on  Myfascial Release are incredibly useful.  Beth's knowledge of fascia is amazing and her passion makes learning easy and fun. Beth describes the entire technique in an easy to understand way and associates all of the theory directly into hands-on practice. What a great course.  Thank you Beth."



Holistic Healing

Beth is a certified practitioner of The BodyTalk™ System.

BodyTalk is a highly effective consciousness based medicine system that realigns and balances a person on a physical, emotional and mental level to promote healing in profound ways.

By its very nature of enhancing communication and function on all levels, BodyTalk can address any disfunction in the bodymind including enhancing system function, rebalancing physical structure, releasing held emotions and memory, and helping a client shift a limiting belief system.

Beth provides transformational holistic healing utilizing The BodyTalk System.


"I was referred to Beth by a friend for a BodyTalk session and I have to admit I was skeptical.  I had not heard of BodyTalk nor did I know much about natural healing.  

I can only say that I was and am still simply amazed with the work. The concrete physical results in pain relief were incredible, lasting and only took a few sessions.  The technique is non-invasive and medicine free.

Intrigued with Beth's down to earth explanation of BodyTalk and inspired by my continued positive results, I still have a session at least once a month.  I have experienced a number of incredible shifts that have helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually, greatly impacting my life and career in a very positive way.  I would highly recommend Beth and BodyTalk to anyone."


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