Beth Beauchamp provides:
Massage Therapy, 
BodyTalk and Myofascial Release Therapy Training

Office Location:  Cleveland Terrace, Maitai
Nelson, New Zealand
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Beth has been a natural health practitioner since 2000 when she
became a certified medical massage therapist in the United States.  She  Medical massage Therapy in Nelson
held a successful practice in Richmond, Virginia for 7 years working with elite athletes, weekend warriors, individuals with acute and chronic pain and folks young and old.

Beth arrived in New Zealand in January 2007 and soon after discovered the magical healing capabilities of BodyTalk.  She became a certified practitioner in October 2008.

Her current practice is conveniently located at:
Bodywise, natural health shop, 32 Bridge St. Nelson, New Zealand.
Appointments are necessary and can be made by phoning Beth at 027-3636-880 or by email.

Beth's detailed knowledge of anatomy coupled with her intuitive awareness of the mind body connection create a very unique space for health and healing and she is very passionate about her work.  Beth is committed to assisting you with any physical or emotional issue, and strives to help empower you to better understand and take control of your own health.  Her knowledge, passion and commitment assures each client a truly individual experience.

Medical Massage Therapy in Nelson
Beth utilizes a wonderful massage technique called Myofascial Release Therapy which stretches and lengthens the fascia, allowing the muscles to return to their healthier length, position and function.  Fascia is very important because it is the webbing that connects everything in the body and creates body's the form and structure.  Everything in the body including our organs, bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels are wrapped in fascia.  

Working with fascia is highly effective because it creates space and glide-ability in the body, directly affecting the function and movement of everything in our bodies right down to the cellular level.  When the body has efficient space and movement all our internal systems function are enhanced.

BodyTalk in Nelson

BodyTalk is a comprehensive, effective and non-invasive holistic healthcare system that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Physical and emotional stress causes communication pathways in the body to breakdown, resulting in discomfort and disease.  BodyTalk restores communication pathways, allowing the body to resynchronize its activities, create balance and heal.  For more information about BodyTalk go to or

BodyTalk can benefit most physical, mental and emotional issues including: back pain, stress/anxiety, viruses & infections, digestive disorders, depression, hormonal disorders, breathing problems and much more.

Myofascial Release Therapy Massage - treatment and training

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves opening up the superficial and deep fascia layers in the body to restore movement, eliminate pain and regain function.  Trauma, inflammatory responses, poor posture, repetitive motion, dehydration and surgical procedures can create restrictions in the fascial layers.

Beth is also an instructor of Myofascial Release Therapy, offering basic and advanced training classes for hands on therapists, lay people or anyone interested in learning more about how the body works.
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