Beth Beauchamp provides:
Massage Therapy, 
BodyTalk and Myofascial Release Therapy Training

Office Location:  Cleveland Terrace, Maitai
Nelson, New Zealand
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Myofascial Release Training Courses: 

“I really loved the MFR course.  Beth is a great teacher; the information is very clear and the techniques were demonstrated well.  MFR is such a great technique!  I look forward to using it in my practice.”  

“I do a lot of work with fascia in my clinic and have really enjoyed learning more about the structure of fascia and what it is I’m actually working with when treating clients.  I also gained greater knowledge, understanding and inspiration in the applications of MFR for treatment of my own healing.  Thank you, Beth” 

“Thanks again for an awesome weekend. I came home afterwards feeling huge releases in my own body including a release of long held trauma from my tissues. I feel I have gained some of the answers and missing links in my own healing & recovery journey that I have been looking for for some time. I have been craving deeper knowledge in MFR and I got that in spades.”

"I began applying the MFR techniques with my clients in clinic straight away after taking the course.  I have seen immediately responses with clients and made inspirational progress particularly with my chronic pain clients. It is such an awesome satisfaction to be able to offer MFR to these individuals that had lost hope of ever being pain free.  Thank you!"  

“I love it that I have a new way to work - both on clients bodies and on my personal posture and stance.  I need to look after me too!” 

“Every therapist should take this course, it will improve their work whether they are experienced or a novice.” 

“I loved learning about fascia and myofascia release therapy, it has gotten me excited about the body again!  Thank you Beth, you are awesome.”  

“Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  It was an excellent course.  Beth is a wonderful instructor.”  

“The course was very interactive and very informative.  It was professional run yet relaxed and friendly.  I really enjoyed learning this new technique.”  

“This course was a perfect addition to the massage therapy work that I am currently doing.  I would love to keep learning and develop these skills more.”   

"This is one of the best courses I have done.  Not only did I learn more skills, I felt confident about introducing the techniques in my practice.  Beth gave very clear instructions about the work and is very encouraging and complimentary which instills confidence.  The manual is really well done."  

"I really enjoyed the technique.  It was fascinating to learn how our emotions and life experiences presents in the physical body and know that we can help people in a very holistic way."    

"I have been a qualified Practioner for over 20 years and work in a wonderful clinic called 'BEING', The Centre for Natural Health, in Nelson, New Zealand.  I had the privilege of attending Beth's Myofascial Release Course.  Beth's warm enthusiasm, ability to lead with clear explanations, and guided demonstrations, inspired myself and others during this highly professional and well presented course.  I found Beth's teaching technique very beneficial, and instantly applicable in my current practice.  It's a wonderful, wholebody, natural treatment, which has continued to be enjoyed and appreciated by many clients.  I would highly recommend any professional Bodyworker to attend this course.  Thank you Beth for your sharing."  Anna M. Szefczyk-Moore, Remedial Massage, Craniosacral & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

"Beth Beauchamp's courses on myofascial release are incredibly useful. Beth's knowledge of the topic is amazing and her passion makes learning easy and fun. Beth describes the entire technique in an easy to understand way and associates all of the theory directly into hands-on practice. What a great course. Thank you Beth."

Massage Therapy:

"I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling a lot better.  My hip, low back and knee pain is releasing and getting better every day; but what is also making me feel better is the emotional and mental release I received from your treatment.  I came home feeling empowered and more relaxed in letting go of the old stresses that had overwhelmed me.  I feel so much more in control and am not feeling breathless or tired.  
Thanks for your wonderful treatment."  L. C.

“Both my husband and I went to Beth for massage for over 6 years while she was practicing in the US.  Beth’s strength, intuitiveness and professionalism are of the highest quality.  Her knowledge of the physical body is only exceeded by her concern for her clients and her generosity of spirit.”  A. B. USA

“Amazing...that’s the best way to describe the work Beth did with me the week of the NZ Ironman.  I had retorn my calf muscle just 3 weeks before my anticipated 13 hour race.  This was my first Ironman race and I was traveling from the east coast of America to New Zealand to do it!  Needless to say I was very disheartened and became quite stressed wondering whether I would be able to complete the race.  

Beth accompanied me to Taupo and through several massages and only 2 BodyTalk sessions, my calf muscle completely healed in five days!  I had a fantastic race, felt strong and had no pain in my calf the entire race.  And I haven't had an issue with my calf since!”  W. T. 

The BodyTalk System

"At 11 years of age my son was still suffering from bedwetting. Although he had experienced periods of dryness in the past, it was now constant.  We tried so many things over the years from star charts, medical checks, medication and bed alarms. Nothing was working and it was now negatively impacting his self-esteem. He was no longer able to believe that he would grow out of it and was losing hope and confidence.  He was starting to say that he would never be dry like normal people – which of course was heart-breaking to hear. 

I called Beth regarding BodyTalk and to ask if she had ever worked with bedwetting before. We talked and even though she had not dealt specifically with bedwetting before we both felt it would be valuable for us all to meet.  The improvements started immediately and after the second visit not only was my child dry through the night, he was well rested, confident and even asking if friends could sleep over.

Beth’s incredible knowledge of the human body, great skill in her field and respectful way of communicating with a young person enabled a fantastic experience in my child’s life.  Not only did he become dry through the night and his confidence and self-esteem were restored, he has opened his mind and had a glimpse of the amazing power of the mind, body, energy and a holistic approach to a balanced life.  I would definitely recommend Beth to any parent looking for a safe, effective way to help their child through this difficult problem."  K. S.

“I received a BodyTalk session from Beth to help prepare myself for an operation.  It was about the fourth operation I had had in my abdomen area and each time before I had a severe reaction to the anesthesia and ended up staying in the hospital several days longer than expected.  The BodyTalk session was done the day before the surgery and focused on releasing old fear I was holding onto and enhancing my respiratory function.  The surgery went really well.  I didn’t have my typical harsh reaction to the anesthesia and I actually ended up going home a day early, feeling much better than expected. BodyTalk may have worked miracles.”  A. O. 

"As a distance runner in excess of 20 years I had developed a dehabilitating condition around my pelvic core.  After months of conventional physio treatment including ultrasound, and having xrays to detect the cause of the problem there had been little improvement.  
Resigning myself to potentially no longer being able to enjoy my favourite sporting activity and being able to continue running marathons, I was introduced to Beth Beauchamp on the advice of a business client, who had successfully sought treatment from Beth.

Beth, after discussing my concerns, introduced me to both massage and Body Talk.  While massage had limited success BodyTalk sessions quickly produced positive improvements and returned the enjoyment of running to me.  
After just a couple of months with fewer than 1 treatment per week I was almost 100% fit again and able to look forward to my next event.  The rewards I achieved in being treated by Beth do not just stop at running improvement, she helped me decide to change my career path and end a relationship - both of which I had not had the courage to do alone.  For me 2010 was definitely much better due to meeting and being treated by Beth and I am ever grateful for what she did for me."  D. W.



"I am a 60 year old male with a history of severe hypertension.  Some 3 years ago I suffered from a bleed in the brain and as a result lost my balance and some of my sight.  Prior to the stroke I had been seeing doctors for 2 years for my hypertension with no success at controlling it.  As a result of the bleed, doctors were forced to operate which required the removal of part of my brain in a desperate effort to save my life.  I spent 5 months in an Australian hospital recovering. 

two years later, I have experienced a bit of a relapse.  With my blood pressure reading of 240/120 and not being able to think straight and experiencing a constant feeling of illness, I admitted myself into hospital again.  The hospital kept me in observation for a while and then released me, referring me back to my GP to monitor the situation.  Having been down this road before, panic set in for me and I once again feared for my life.  At this point I was prepared to try anything, so as a last resort, I made an appointment with Beth.

The day that I saw her I was feeling terrible.  And to be honest I was quite sceptical.  I knew nothing about BodyTalk and how it works.  But as soon as Beth began the session I could feel my head beginning to clear and ultimately a feeling of well being came over me which was something I hadn't experienced for some time.  Over the next several days my blood pressure reading continued to improve reaching 180/100.

I am feeling much better 
and my condition continues to improve slowly.  I pray this will continue.  I try and tell as many people as I can of my experience.  I feel Beth is a lifesaver.  I recommend Beth to everyone, what have you got to lose, give it a go, please!"  A. O.


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